I was born/raised and live/work in Grand Rapids, Michigan. I developed an early interest in computers but my passion for music took over in high school. After graduating from the University of Michigan with a dual major in music composition and film video, I helped start the All-Music Guide (allmusic.com), which combined my love of computers and music at the dawn of the internet age.

My father died unexpectedly in 1992, having just turned 48 ten days prior. My brother Peter and I abandoned our own plans and took over my dad's manufacturing business, Uncle Goose Toys. I helped manage that company for nearly 15 years before retiring to attend to my health, spend more time with wife and kids, and figure out what I really wanted to do.

Gradually recovering, since early 2009 I've resumed my international work with the Froebel Kindergarten method, while promoting other brands I took with me from Uncle Goose. Little Orley is a series of radio stories written/performed by Lumpy Brannun (aka Mr. Green Jeans), Wholemovement™ is a process for teaching children by folding paper plates, and the Kaleidograph™ is the latest in a series of design toys I've championed.

My family and I live on the four acres remaining of an apple orchard established before the Civil War. We have a farmhouse, two barns, a windmill, outhouse, garden, and some very old fruit trees. Like a modern version of Green Acres, we try to have the best of both rural and suburban living.